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Bicycle Handlebars


We explore the vulnerable delta’s where sea meets land. This is the place where climate change is going to affect all of us.


We learn, see and feel the impact of humans on nature and the other way around. By seeing impact both positive and negative from close by the essential mindset starts to form. This mindset is needed to anchor the knowhow part. In this part we train the essence of sustainability acceleration in organizations using frameworks like the Sustainable Development Goals and European Sustainability Reporting Standards to connect to the impact of one’s organization. This equipes you to counter risks and develop innovations.

Leadership and teamwork

In this short and intense journey, we face weather, water, terrain and your organization’s sustainability acceleration challenge. This asks for guts, opening up to unknown systems, develop leadership and show teamwork. Our accelerator expeditions are designed to activate this with it’s participants. We do this by learning to operate as a sail- and hike team, explore relevant areas, meet-up with experts and have a real valuable and fun time together.


It brings you the mindset, knowhow, teamwork and perseverance to become a most valuable durifier in your organization. In this way sustainability programs get real ambassadorship from within, which unlocks your acceleration to a future-proof organization.

Meet the Team

WhereSeaMeetsLand is currently expanding it's team.

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