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About Us


WhereSeaMeetsLand was founded to help organisations overcome the next big struggle in business: accelerate strategy and operations towards sustainable and climate resilient, read future-proof. Once top management is aware, often there is investment in bringing in sustainability knowledge, little on building climate resilience. Often ambitions are not realized due to lack of investing in the most essential parts for any big change in the core of the organisation: a collective mindset, leadership and true teamwork. We believe the road towards the future-proof organisation is an expedition and should be treated as such. This relatively small investment brings the real gains: more engaged and loyal employees fueling the necessary changes and innovation for the long term.


In 2012 founder and Chief Durifier, Onno Smit, after having worked in demanding roles in business both for corporates and small medium enterprises, switched to the business side of the global development organisation Oxfam. Here he learned and saw first handed what impact we as humans have on life on this planet. Soon he realized the pressure that would arise towards business. Together with colleagues and some great partners they started to develop programs for entrepreneurs and corporates to accelerate their own positive impact. In doing so he noticed that the contents of sustainability was of little use if the impact was not felt and the team was not involved and operating as a true team. For a long time there was the conviction that you needed to take people out of their own environment towards developing countries or to the melting glaciers and poles to understand and feel the impact. Often this was only possible for a select group of business owners willing to invest in a personal leadership journey. Next to these a closer to home impact journey was needed for a much larger group of people. Nowadays it becomes clear that people’s impact on climate change is going to affect all of us especially in the area where sea meets land, the low lying delta areas in the world.

Today we are a group of sustainability developers and trainers with a serious outdoor skill set that kick- and restrart organisations on their expedition towards future-proof. We use relevant delta areas as the venue for leaders and teams to work on their knowhow, mindset, leadership and teamworks. Here we organise short, out of the everyday work environment, sustainable expeditions into nature and human settlements. We use the sailboat and our boots as basecamp and sustainable means of transportation. The perfect combination to develop leadership and true teamwork with a memorable and lasting impact.

Meet the Team

WhereSeaMeetsLand is currently expanding it's team.

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